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Rigid-flex PCB online quote

Request a quote online today, and get an offer in two to three working days for Rigid-flex printed circuit board prototypes.
Rigid-flex printed circuit boards are PCB combining rigid and flexible board technologies.
A Rigid-flex PCB design improves the reliability of applications by reducing the amount of interconnect points.
The less interconnection you have on a design, the stronger your circuit board is, ultimately lowering the final costs of your device or application.
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▼ Rigid-Flex PCB - Technical specification and capabilities

Specification Standard capabilities Advanced Capabilities
Layer count DS ~ 8L 10L ~ 12L
Maximum size 380 x 560mm 380 x 736mm
Raw materials (Rigid part) FR4(Tg130,150,170) Rogers4350, 370HR
Raw Base materials (Flex part) Adhesiveless FCCL (Polyimide), Adhesive FCCL (Polyimide, PET) Other materials on request
Polyimide base Material Thickness (PI Thickness) 12.5µm, 20µm, 25µm, 50µm Other PI thickness on request
Adhesive Thickness 12.5µm, 20µm Other adhesive thickness on request
Board thickness (Rigid part) 0.4mm to 2.5mm Other thickness on request
Specification Standard capabilities Advanced Capabilities
Thickness tolerance T1.0mm:+/-10% N/A
Board thickness (Flex part) 0.07mm to 0.2mm Other thickness on request
Thickness tolerance +/-0.05mm N/A
Rigid part copper thickness 18um ~ 105mm Other thickness on request
Flex part copper thickness 12um ~ 70µm Other thickness on request
Maxinum aspect ratio (PTH) 8:1 12:1
Maxinum aspect ratio (Laser) 0.8:1 1:1
Surface finish OSP, ENIG Flash gold, Immersion Tin, Immersion silver, HASL LF
Gold finger No Yes
Specification Standard capabilities Advanced Capabilities
Coverlay Yellow, Black, White Others on request
Minimum Coverlay opening size Φ0.6mm,L*W=0.6*0.4mm N/A
Min. Coverlay Bridge 0.3mm 0.25mm
Adhesive Squeeze-out at RF Transition 1.5mm 0.5mm
Min. Flex Width(For Individual Rigid Flex) 1.5mm 1.2mm
Mechnical drill size 0.15-6.0mm Others on request
Minimum laser drill size 0.075mm Others on request
Outline tolerance: Laser cutting +/-0.1mm Others on request
Outline tolerance: Punching tooling +/-0.13mm Others on request

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