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An HDI PCB, or High Density Interconnect PCB is a printed circuit board with a higher circuitry density.
An HDI PCB design usually includes finer lines and spaces, smaller vias and capture pads, and pads with high connection density.
A high density PCB incorporates blind, buried vias and microvias.
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Minimum batch size we may quote online is 0.0025 square meter
Maximum batch size we may quote online is 5 square meter
Minimum PCB size is 10x10mm
Maximum PCB width is 780mm - Maximum PCB length is 240mm


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▼ PCB HDI - Materials

We have a large choice of PCB HDI materials. Please contact us for more information and a quote at

Brand Name Type Series TG Value PDF
Brand Name Type Series TG Value PDF

▼ HDI PCB – High Density Interconnect PCB - Technical specification

Specification 成熟制程 先进制程
層数 4 ~ 12 层 >=14 层
盲埋孔阶数 1 阶, 2 阶 3阶及以上
最大交付尺寸 450 x 600 mm N/A
基材 FR4 TG170 CTI600, Rogers4350, 370HR
板厚 0,6mm to 3,2mm 其它厚度要求
板厚公差 T < 1.0mm:+/-0.1mm, T > 1.0mm:+/-10% T < 1.0mm:+/-0.1mm;T > 1.0mm:+/- 8%
外层基铜厚度 18um ~ 105um 其它厚度要求
内层基铜厚度 18um ~ 105um 其它厚度要求
Specification 成熟制程 先进制程
最大纵横比 (通孔) 10:1 15:1
最大纵横比 (镭射孔) 0.8:1 1:1
最大纵横比 (埋孔) 8:1 10:1
表面处理 OSP, 无铅喷锡, 有铅喷锡, 沉金, 沉锡, 沉银 电硬金, 电软金, 混合表面处理
其它表面处理 蓝胶, 碳油 N/A
金手指 No Yes
钻咀尺寸 0.25 ~ 6mm 6mm (大于6mm需要锣出)
镭射孔尺寸 4mils, 5mils, 6mils 其它尺寸
Specification 成熟制程 先进制程
埋孔尺寸 8mils, 10mils, 12mils 其它尺寸
外层最小线宽线距 4/4mil 3/3mil
内层最小线宽线距 3/3mil 4/4mil
最小BGA pad尺寸 12mils 10mils
阻抗 < 50ohms:+/-5ohms, > 50ohms:+/-10% 其它公差要求
最小绿油桥 5mils 最小绿油桥需要根据铜厚确定
最小孔距 >= 12mils >= 10mils ~ < 12mils
埋孔孔中心到孔中心最小间距 0.25 mm 0.2 mm